Edition 35 mm black 200 cm / Small blemish


Article 3553S

New item with a small blemish on the inside, see photo


EDDYCAM is the special camera strap made of elk leather. Due to its elasticity, it is extremely comfortable to wear. The special model "200 cm" is our version for people who are 190 cm and taller. The colors of this EDDYCAM are black outside and inside. The leather end pieces, the strap and the powder-coated stainless steel clips are black.

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Edition 35 mm black 200 cm

A special strap for special cameras!

The EDDYCAM Edition 35 mm series was specially developed for high-quality system cameras weighing up to 1,2 kg, such as Leica M, Fuji x-Pro. With a width of 35 mm, we are reminiscent of the classic film format. Deliberately without the rubber insert, which is otherwise common at EDDYCAM, the soft, elastic elk leather hugs nicely. This model is easy to wrap around the hand, making the camera comfortable to carry. The total length of this model is 200 cm, with the leather portion being 43 cm. The high-quality, black nylon strap and the 4 tumbled stainless steel clamps give enough leeway for individual length adjustment. The 35 mm edition includes camera protection and triangular rings. The camera can be carried around the neck, on one shoulder or diagonally.

  • EDDYCAM 35 mm black 200 cm / New item with a small blemish on the inside, see photo
  • Article 3553S
  • Stainless steel clamps (4x)
  • Leather camera protection (2x)
  • Triangular ring (2x)
  • Linen pouch
  • Mini brochure
  • Total length about 200 cm
  • Leather pad approx. 43 cm
  • approx. 65 g (including clamps)
  • 100% handcraft
  • Made in Germany
Weight 60 g



200 x 35mm


Soft elk leather with nylon strap and stainless steel clips


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