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The universal quick connector for cameras with eyelets, such as Panasonic, Olympus, Leica, Nikon.
eddyconnection is the perfect connection of camera strap and camera to connect and disconnect them quickly and safely.

*Note: The quick connector also fits Fujifilm, but has less clearance than usual. The eyelet at Fujifilm has a smaller inner diameter!


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The quick connector for cameras with eyelets.

Excerpt from our press release:

The robust and secure quick release for the camera strap

The secure attachment of the EDDYCAM and also other camera straps is often a difficult necessity. Once the EDDYCAM is properly seated, it stays put, even if it interferes in certain shooting situations. This is where the new eddyconnection helps. With eddyconnection from EDDYCAM, the camera strap is quickly and securely connected to the camera and just as quickly removed again. The small plastic accessory with integrated stainless steel safety hook is first firmly connected to the camera strap. Eddyconnection can then be detached from the camera and reattached with the simple press of a finger on the safety button.

Proven technology

Made from Hostaform® POM, an extremely wear-resistant plastic also used in gearboxes, the material retains its high-strength properties down to -40 °C. The stainless steel hook is made with durable alloy and polished surface.

Simple handling – reliable connection

Functionality and security were the guiding principles in the development of eddyconnection. The result is a combination of extremely resistant materials paired with simple application and elegant design.

To remove or reattach the camera strap from the camera, all you have to do is press the safety button and operate the sliding mechanism. Unlocking then takes place by pulling in the direction of the belt; now the EDDYCAM can simply be unhooked. Locking takes place by pressing in the direction of the camera. The slight click signals: Camera and strap are firmly reunited.

IMPORTANT: keep eddyconnection only in closed state (click)! Disclaimer: EDDYCAM is not liable for camera damages! Suitable for cameras up to 2.2 kg weight.

Content: 3×2 = 6 pieces. Made in Germany.




Stainless steel and Hostaform® POM


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