Stainless steel clamps black 2x


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EDDYCAM stainless steel clips black

Perfect down to the smallest detail.
EDDYCAM stainless steel clips give the camera the desired hold.



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Stainless steel clamps 2 pieces black

EDDYCAM clamps made of stainless steel, black powder-coated

The EDDYCAM clamps are punched from stainless steel in several steps under a pressure of 15.000 kg. The blanks are then deburred (tumbled). The risk of scratching the camera is thus greatly reduced. With this black variant, each individual clamp is powder-coated. The EDDYCAM strap clamp is extremely stable and reliable.


  • Stainless steel clamps black (2x)
  • Article
  • powder-coated
  • Material: stainless steel 1.4301
  • for 12 mm connecting tape
  • Load capacity up to 25 kg
  • Made in Germany
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Weight 10 g



Soft elk leather with nylon strap and stainless steel clips

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