Sling 3 with bracelet and plate

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EDDYCAM SLiNG is the special hand strap made of elastic elk leather. The camera is always firmly under control with one hand.
Hand strap with additional securing on the arm.

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SLiNG-3 set with bracelet and plate

The camera is always firmly under control with one hand and still has plenty of space and security.

The SLING-3 hand strap guarantees that the camera can be held securely and comfortably. Additionally secured with the SLING-3 strap, the camera cannot slip out of the hand, even if it is carried loosely. This also effectively protects the camera against theft. With the Sling-3, the camera can be carried comfortably on the back of the hand. The controls on the back of the camera housing can be easily operated with the thumb. The combination of wrist strap, bracelet and patented magnetic clasp guarantees optimal user-friendliness.
Like all EDDYCAM hand straps and camera straps, the SLING-3 is made from the tried and tested EDDYCAM material mix. The exceptionally soft Scandinavian elk leather with integrated natural rubber is particularly resilient and skin-friendly. It is handcrafted with thermoset nylon straps, stainless steel clips, and solvent-free adhesive.
The SLING 3 is fixed at three points: on the camera housing above and below and - and this is new - the third point on the wrist. The highlight here is the patented magnetic lock that EDDYCAM has adapted to its tried and tested hand straps. Despite this fixed connection between the camera and wrist, the camera can be easily and quickly released from the lock with a controlled hand movement if necessary. The patented safety lock is integrated in the wristband and wrist strap. The principle is simple, fast and user-friendly:

More deets:
• For medium and large system and reflex cameras from Canon,
• Fujifilm, Olympus, Leica, Sony A7 + A9 only with portrait format handle (!!)
• Pentax, Panasonic and other well-known camera manufacturers
• Set SLiNG -3- with bracelet including “Plate – 1”

  • Article
  • with bracelet
  • Mini brochure
  • One size fits all
  • approx. 35 g / with bracelet approx. 95 g
  • 100% handcraft
  • Made in Germany
Weight 62 g
Size 140 × 0,42 cm



140cm x 42mm


Soft elk leather and cowhide with nylon strap and stainless steel clasps

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  1. Oliver Hamburg (Verified owner) -

    The magnetic clasp is more ingenious. Great leather!

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