SLiNG-2 M with mounting plate / exhibit with a small flaw


Article 1411S

Display piece with a small blemish on the seam (no loss of security), see photo

EDDYCAM SLiNG is the special hand strap made of elastic elk leather. The camera is always firmly under control with one hand.

Not available

SLiNG -2- wrist strap

Hand strap for two attachment points on the camera.

Well suited for professionals who use their cameras for many hours.
The hand is almost fused with the camera, everything firmly under control.

The new ergonomically shaped EDDYCAM SLiNG -2- hand strap makes it possible. It is fixed at two points on the camera housing and adapts perfectly to the anatomy of every photographer's hand. The connecting tape is led through the SLiNG and is provided with powder-coated stainless steel clamps for individual length adjustment. In this way, the camera is fatigue-free and non-slip in the hand in any position. All camera controls are easily accessible.
Soft and particularly resilient, skin-friendly Finnish elk leather; Comfortable padding made of solvent-free natural rubber is incorporated between the outer and inner leather.

    • EDDYCAM SLiNG 2 M // Exhibit with a small blemish on the seam (no loss of security), see photo
    • Article 1411S
    • Size “M” recommended up to glove size 8,5
    • Mini brochure
    • Size approx. 57 mm x 144 mm
    • about 35 g
    • 100% handcraft
    • Made in Germany
    • including “Plate- 1”
Weight 62 g
Size 140 × 0,42 cm



140cm x 42mm


Soft elk leather with nylon strap and stainless steel clips


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