SLiNG-1 natural

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EDDYCAM SLiNG is the special hand strap made of elastic elk leather.
The colors of this SLiNG are natural outside and inside. The contrasting seam in black sets clear accents. Absolute safety paired with high wearing comfort.

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SLiNG-1 natural

Absolute security for all camera sizes!

Well suited for professionals who use their cameras for many hours. The soft, elastic elk leather makes it easier to carry cameras.
Safety paired with high wearing comfort thanks to the best workmanship.
Absolutely secure hold and tear resistance thanks to special yarn.

  • EDDYCAM SLiNG-1 natural
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  • Leather overlay / width approx. 33 mm
  • about 25 g
  • 100% handcraft
  • Made in Germany
Weight 25 g

Black with red contrast stitching


139 cm x 33 mm


Soft elk leather with nylon strap

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  1. Hubert from Oberhausen, by email on September 30.09.2016, XNUMX: (Verified owner) -

    I've had the wrist strap in constant use for a week now, I can only say it is a top product. I'm sure I'll need a couple more in the future. But can't decide on the color yet. See you soon.

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