Sling-1 nature / blemishes


Article 1305S


With scar on the outside

EDDYCAM SLiNG is the special hand strap made of elastic elk leather.
The colors of this SLiNG are natural outside and inside. The contrasting seam in black sets clear accents. Absolute safety paired with high wearing comfort.

Not available

SLiNG-1 natural

Absolute security for all camera sizes!

Well suited for professionals who use their cameras for many hours. The soft, elastic elk leather makes it easier to carry cameras.
Safety paired with high wearing comfort thanks to the best workmanship.
Absolutely secure hold and tear resistance thanks to special yarn.

  • EDDYCAM Sling-1 black-nature contrast seam // With scar on the outside
  • Article 1305S
  • Nylon strap black
  • Mini brochure
  • Leather pad/ width approx. 33mm
  • about 25 g
  • 100% handcraft
  • Made in Germany
Weight 95 g
Size 155 cm

155cm x 50mm


Soft elk leather with nylon strap and stainless steel clips


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