Professional microfiber cloth 25x30cm



EDDYCAM microfiber cloth

A high quality microfiber cloth to clean your camera.

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The EDDYCAM microfiber cloth is a high-tech development

The cloth is suitable for cleaning high-quality cameras, both for the lens, as well as for the monitor and viewfinder.
Clean your camera before and after every use! You will achieve particularly good cleaning results if you apply a slightly damp film of fog to the surface to be cleaned by breathing on it. Then clean the surface in circular movements.
The fibers are split 16 times, which gives us a very high level of absorption and moisture absorption.
The EDDYCAM microfiber cloth is white to see when it needs to be washed.
ONLY hand wash individually at 40 degrees, with a little mild detergent, rinse thoroughly (detergent must be completely washed out), allow to air dry! Do not iron! NOT in the washing machine together with other materials! Do not use fabric softener! Do not use the cloth to clean your glasses at the same time!

  • Microfiber cloth 25 x 30 cm
  • Polyester 70% + nylon 30%
  • Density: 180g / sqm
  • Fiber strength: 4.2T
  • Fibers split 16 times
Weight 44 g



Soft elk leather with nylon strap and stainless steel clips


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