Leather camera protection small (2x) for stainless steel clamp



EDDYCAM leather camera protection

Protects the camera from scratches.

Not available


Camera protection small

EDDYCAM leather camera protection 

Protection made from the best cowhide leather camera protection (2 x)

To underlay the stainless steel clamps

The direct contact between metal and camera is reduced

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  • Cowhide leather black
  • Size about 20x30mm
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Weight 10 g

cognac, cognac with extra-soft elk leather on the inside in the color natural and contrasting stitching, extra-soft elk leather in the color natural. The contrasting seam., Contrasting seam red, natural, red, red with extra-soft elk leather in the color natural, with contrasting seam., black, black with red inside and red contrasting seam, black with a particularly soft inside in the color natural, black with a particularly soft inside in in the color natural, contrasting stitching, black with blue contrasting stitching, black with red contrasting stitching


Soft elk leather with nylon strap and stainless steel clips


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