Edition 50 mm sky-natural VINTAGE

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EDDYCAM is the special camera strap made of elk leather. Due to its elasticity, it is extremely comfortable to wear. The special features of the VINTAGE version are brown nylon straps, brown leather end pieces and silver stainless steel clips. The colors of this EDDYCAM are sky outside and natural inside. The contrasting seam takes up the light color of the inside and thus sets clear accents.

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Edition 50 mm sky-natural contrasting seam VINTAGE

The universal EDDYCAM for the committed photographer.

Those who take photos with passion and prefer to always have their system or reflex camera with them will find the perfect companion in the 50 mm edition. Thanks to the soft, elastic elk leather, this EDDYCAM makes it easier to carry a camera, even with a medium-weight telephoto lens. The leather content, with the comfortable natural rubber insert, is approx. 43 cm. The 50 EDDYCAMs have a total length of approx. 155 cm and are suitable for weights of up to approx. 3 kg. With the high-quality nylon strap and the 4 tumbled stainless steel clamps, it offers enough leeway for individual length adjustment. The 50 mm edition includes camera protection and triangular rings. The ergonomic shape allows it to be worn on one shoulder, around the neck or diagonally. Everything about this 50 mm edition is geared towards wearing comfort and safety, matching the high-quality equipment from well-known camera manufacturers.

  • EDDYCAM 50 mm sky-natural contrasting seam VINTAGE
  • Article
  • Stainless steel clamps (4x)
  • Camera protection
  • Triangular rings
  • Linen pouch
  • Mini brochure
  • Total length about 155 cm
  • Leather pad approx. 43 cm
  • approx. 95 g (including clamps)
  • 100% handcraft
  • Made in Germany
Weight 100 g



Soft elk leather with nylon strap and stainless steel clips


155cm x 50mm

7 Reviews for Edition 50 mm sky-natural VINTAGE

  1. German

    Hilke from Hamburg on April 27.04.2017th, XNUMX (Verified owner) -

    Yesterday evening I held my new Eddycam strap in my hands and my new second camera is also happy about the beautiful bright colors.
    Thank you again for the quick order processing.

  2. German

    Gerald from Vienna on April 30.04.2017th, XNUMX: (Verified owner) -

    Thank you for your super quick reply. And from the boss personally too. That's great. The 50 mm strap that I use on my Canon EOS 1 d is of course much better suited for this weight, but I had the 33 mm from another camera and it looks great on the Nikon F4 too. I also installed the leather pads for the case. I have to say that for me the EDDYCAM belt is currently the best belt there is. I have some ... straps that are very nice, but the EDDYCAM is a more innovative type of camera strap.

  3. German

    Erich from Zurich / Switzerland on 14.06.017 (Verified owner) -

    I have had an Eddycam 50 mm camera strap on my Leica SL for a few weeks and I am very happy with it. With this camera strap - and certainly also with your other products - you have achieved something very good: stable, comfortable, good-looking!

  4. German

    Willi from Erkelenz on August 13.08.2017th, XNUMX: (Verified owner) -

    I was out and about for a few hours today with my camera and medium weight lenses.
    The wearing comfort is really a dream!
    The strap is perfect and also the strap length adjusted by you is very comfortable. With fast steps (camera on the back) there is no slipping. With the original belt, I would have felt something "cutting" after a short time. Many thanks also for your personal support!
    I am very excited.

  5. German

    Ben from Bullhead City, USA on April 24.04.2020th, XNUMX: (Verified owner) -

    I have been a photographer for 60 years and your straps are the best I have ever used and the best made straps I have ever seen.
    ... should use your strap in place of the one they supply for the new SL2. Then, they would have a TOTALY premium product.
    This will be my third strap and love them all. Thank you!

  6. German

    Monika and Josef from Bad Homburg on January 12.01.2018th, XNUMX: (Verified owner) -

    We will enthusiastically recommend you and your products in the photo club ... and in our photo networks.

  7. German

    Gerhard from Krenglbach, Austria on 24.08.2017/XNUMX/XNUMX: (Verified owner) -

    After I was so satisfied with the strap for my OM D EM 1 MK II, I wanted to treat my new binoculars ... to an Eddycam. Worn the camera for 4 hours yesterday while photographing birds - nothing pressed.

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