45 mm EASY black demo item

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EDDYCAM is the special camera strap made of elk leather. Due to its elasticity, it is extremely comfortable to wear. The colors of this EDDYCAM are black outside and inside. The leather end pieces, the strap and the powder-coated stainless steel clamps are also black.

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45 mm black without upholstery

Developed for system cameras and reflex cameras

The EDDYCAM EASY 45 mm is black with a printed logo and was specially developed for system and reflex cameras with a weight of up to approx. 2,2 kg. Deliberately without the usual rubber insert, the soft, elastic elk leather nestles well. The total length of this series is approx. 155 cm, with the leather portion being approx. 45 cm. The high-quality black nylon strap and the 2 tumbled stainless steel clamps give enough leeway for individual length adjustment. The elastic elk leather ensures very good wearing comfort. In contrast to the other EDDYCAM models, the EASY, EASY plus and EASYmode models are straight, like the original strap of your camera.

  • EDDYCAM 45 mm black
  • Article
  • Stainless steel clamps (2x)
  • Mini brochure
  • Total length about 155 cm
  • Leather pad approx. 45 cm
  • approx. 70 g (including clamps)
  • 100% handcraft
  • Made in Germany
Weight 62 g



155cm x 45mm


Soft elk leather with nylon strap and stainless steel clips

2 Reviews for 45 mm EASY black demo item

  1. Jörg from Hildesheim on April 05.04.2018th, XNUMX: (Verified owner) -

    My D700 and D3300 are already jamming their straps with success 🙂 great straps !!

  2. Jürgen from Geislingen on September 23.09.2020rd, XNUMX: (Verified owner) -

    Hello everyone, my camera strap arrived today and I can only say: I'm thrilled! Visually very nice! I can and will gladly recommend. Thanks Eddy!

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