Self portrait by photojournalist Edmond Terakopian, with his Lumix S1, Lumix G9 and Leica M10-D, on EddyCam shoulder straps. London, UK. September 21, 2020. Photo: Edmond Terakopian

Following an interest in taking pictures from around the age of eight which led to taking up photography as a serious hobby in 1986, from the age of 16. His weekly trips to the library's photography section, soon brought his attention to photojournalism and specifically work of Magnum Photos. One photograph from his Workers project by Sebastião Salgado, a sports image by Eamonn McCabe and an article in Amateur Photographer magazine about a fashion photographer's commission to shoot a campaign opened up his mind to photography as his path and photojournalism as his avenue. He hasn't looked back since.

Edmond Terakopian on the front line in Martakert, Karabakh. August 1994. Photo: Hagop Berberian

Edmond Terakopian started as a news photographer in 1989, abandoning his original plans of studying medicine and wanting to study surgery in particular. working his way up through the regional papers, national and international newspapers, magazines and wire agencies. He has participated in several group and solo exhibitions, exhibiting in 88 cities worldwide, and has also been published in numerous books.

Edmond specialises in long form story telling as well as news, features, fashion, portraits and commercial photography. He's a multi award-winning photographer and film maker, being named the British Press Awards Photographer of the Year and also winning third place in the Spot News category of the prestigious World Press Photo contest. To date (2020) he has amassed around 60 awards and nominations for his photography and film making.

The Daily Mirror newspaper named Edmond Terakopian as the author of one of the world's most iconic photographs, referring to a photograph from the July 7th terrorist bombings in London.

One of his photographs from the attacks was selected for “100 Photos of the 21st Century” book by Editions de la Martiniere. He was also invited by Dr Paul Lowe to contribute to the best selling book, "Photography Rules: Essential Dos and Don'ts from Great Photographers".

Edmond is also a writer on photography and photographic equipment, having been commissioned by Amateur Photographer magazine, the British Journal of Photography and Professional Photography magazine. He was a former tutor at the prestigious Leica Akademie in Mayfair. Edmond was the only European member of Apple's Aperture Advisory Committee, a former brand ambassador for Olympus and is an Adobe Influencer. He has also collaborated on projects with Canon and Sigma.

More recently, he has formed a close working relationship with Panasonic Lumix, shooting award winning work with the G9 and was part of the team launching the new S1 and S1R cameras in Barcelona. He has given several public talks on behalf of Panasonic Lumix as well as being a part of the team providing training on the Lumix S across the UK and Republic of Ireland.

Alongside the talks and workshops he holds in collaboration with several companies, he's very dedicated in teaching one to one, bespoke workshops. His focused attention on his clients' needs means that they get the most out of the day. His clients are roughly split equally between professional colleagues and enthusiast photographers of varying levels.

My first EddyCam shoulder strap came about from a search for an elegant strap to match the leather half case of my Leica M10-D. This cognac Eddycam Edition 35mm impressed me so much, that all my cameras now have EddyCam straps. The Edition 50mm Shoulder black version for my Lumix S1 and S1R. My Lumix G9s have the "35mm" cognac shoulder edition.

EddyCam is the only manufacturer which I've used which has practical elegance, seemingly as an unspoken ethos. It goes further though. Absolutely comfortable, supremely grippy and phenomenally well made. Every aspect, from design, thoughtful choice of materials and production, means this is a first rate product. This is manufacturing at it's best, realizing the concept of design through practical experience and expertise in the field.

Having used these straps on assignment and personal work, for over four months, I'm absolutely certain that there isn't a better camera strap for my needs. I'm also certain that these straps will last for decades. Through several camera changes, easily.