EDDYCAM: as unique as the person who wears it
EDDYCAM is the first and only ergonomic camera strap made of elk leather.

Developed by Edlef Wienen, a passionate photographer and industry insider with decades of experience and a real passion for aesthetics and nature. Created for people who place the highest demands on the quality, functionality and comfort of their camera strap.

Its ergonomic design, the use of Scandinavian elk leather and the elaborate production in a small German manufacture make EDDYCAM particularly easy to wear and at the same time extremely resistant - and therefore simply unique.

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Comfortable to wear
and tough
Elk leather is a high-quality natural product and is not only one of the thickest, but also one of the finest leathers in the world. It gets its incomparable elasticity from the special processing in a Finnish tannery specializing in elk leather.

The soft, skin-friendly surface, the ergonomic shape of the straps, a stepless length adjustment and the solvent-free glued padding made of pure natural rubber ensure that EDDYCAM neither pulls nor pushes. Not in the neck, not on the shoulder - not even after hours of wear.

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load-bearing capacity
EDDYCAM owes its extreme resilience primarily to the solid craftsmanship and the resilience of the elk leather and all other product components.

Whether 5-fold connection tapes sewn with special thread (with a tensile strength of 4700 N), break-proof stainless steel clamps for length adjustment or connecting elements made of robust PP material - only the consistently high quality of all components ensures the enormous resilience of the camera straps. And makes them almost indestructible - even under the toughest climatic and operating conditions. We give a two-year guarantee on this.

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Every EDDYCAM is unique. Because every piece of elk leather tells its own story. Small scratches testify to previous injuries to the animal, pressure points from turf wars and tiny scars from insect bites.
And because EDDYCAM was developed for individualists with very different preferences and needs, we offer the belts in more than 100 designs,
in 6 widths, suitable for all camera models.
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Perfect when demanding jobs are waiting
The range of uses of EDDYCAM is practically unlimited.

He is always a suitable, extremely attractive companion. Popular with quality and fashion-conscious individualists with style - and a sense for the extraordinary.

Its particular strengths are particularly noticeable when worn for long periods, demanding outdoor use and unusual environmental conditions such as extreme heat, cold or humidity.

That is why EDDYCAM is not only the ideal camera strap for professional studio and press photographers, but also for naturalists and hunters. And of course for all ambitious hobby photographers who like to go on photo stalking in the great outdoors - and do not want to do without comfort and reliability even in remote regions.

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